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Polish girlfriend is becoming more independent and free from other people’s opinions. They try to keep fit but don’t follow strict diets. These girls allow themselves to eat fast food and other harmful products. They drink beer at the bar, drive a car, get a previously considered male job, and most importantly, keep their own budget and pay their bills. What makes Polish beauty so attractive for foreign men? Additionally, the option of dating Polish brides online has opened up new avenues for international connections and relationships.

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Pros & Cons Of Dating A Polish Girlfriend Online

Charming Polish girlfriends feel good in any environment. They are family-oriented and loyal. It may sound like a cliche, but it’s true. When you marry your dream girlfriend, average Polish girl will be a faithful and devoted wife to you forever. What are the features that American men like and don’t like?

What Men Like

Polish girlfriends are workaholics: They are known as the most industrious nation. On average, professionally active girlfriends work 42.5 hours a week. As the local proverb says, “no job, no cake.” And indeed, a responsible attitude to work is a typically Polish trait.

They are hospitable: Hospitality plays a key role in Polish culture. Polish girlfriends like to invite guests and treat them to delicious homemade dishes. Polish hospitality peaks on Christmas and Easter days when numerous relatives and friends gather at the festive table.

They have great character: Charming Polish girls are open to new relationships and are looking for love. Many men think that it is hard to get acquainted with the women in Poland. Some people even say that local women are too hard to understand. But it is not valid. Girlfriends from Slavic countries are full of warmth and kindness. They are very refined and know how to take care of their future husbands.

What Men Don’t Like

Polish women are not just self-confident, but very, very self-confident: 81% consider themselves extremely attractive.

Rating 10
Rating 9.9
Rating 9.8
Rating 9.7

Why choose Polish women for marriage?

Poland is a unique country. The women living in this area combine old Soviet traditions with modern European tendencies. So no surprise the character of a Polish girlfriend is exceptional. In contrast to Western society, these ladies don’t value career women and workaholics, but they like cooking and taking care of homes, families.

A good Polish wife can create a warm atmosphere in the house: home comfort, harmony, and accuracy. In addition, a Polish wife appreciates her husband and his work, takes care of his mental state, shows how much she needs him, praises and treats him.

In turn, a good husband must earn money, support his family, and ensure his safety. Polish wives have not only financial expectations from men. They love when they buy gifts, flowers, say compliments.

Benefits of Marrying Polish Brides

Marrying Polish brides can offer several benefits for Western men:

  1. Cultural enrichment: By marrying a Polish bride, Western men can immerse themselves in Polish culture, traditions, and customs, enriching their own cultural experiences.
  2. Strong family values: Polish brides often prioritize family and relationships, fostering a supportive and loving home environment for their spouses and children.
  3. Educational background: Polish women are often well-educated, which can contribute to intellectual conversations and shared interests within the marriage.
  4. Work ethic: Polish culture places a strong emphasis on hard work and responsibility, traits that many Western men value in a partner.
  5. Hospitality: Polish brides are known for their hospitality and warmth, making them excellent hosts and companions in social settings.
  6. Adaptability: Many Polish women are adaptable and open-minded, which can ease the transition into married life for Western men from different cultural backgrounds.
  7. Long-term commitment: Polish brides are often committed to their relationships and willing to work through challenges, fostering a stable and enduring marriage.
  8. Culinary skills: Polish cuisine is rich and diverse, and marrying a Polish bride can introduce Western men to delicious new dishes and culinary traditions.
  9. Shared values: Despite cultural differences, Polish brides and Western men may share common values such as respect, honesty, and loyalty, forming a strong foundation for their marriage.
  10. Global perspective: Marrying a Polish bride can broaden a Western man’s perspective on the world, fostering cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.

What Are Polish Girlfriends Specific Stats?

To understand what characteristics Polish girlfriend has and why men like her beauty so much, you need to get closer to their prominent: appearance, character, style, and fashion.

Typical Polish Appearance

The faces of Polish ladies are a unique mix of Slavic and German stats. They have full lips, accurate noses and stay out of the crowd due to their elegant posture. Their tiny figures, beautifully straightened shoulders immediately catch the eye of foreigners.

Locals support natural beauty. You will hardly find Polish brides and women with bright make-up, provocatively dressed, with fillers in cheeks and lips. They like how they look and make men appreciate that.

Polish Character

It will be difficult for other Slavic ladies to compete with Polish brides in terms of self-confidence. More than 80% of women from Poland believe that they are beautiful, attractive, and look chic. The distinguishing feature of Polish ladies is their confidence which can also be considered a national feature.

Polish Fashion

You can hardly find a girl in Poland who goes out of the house without makeup. But these girlfriends don’t overdo it and spend many efforts to look natural according to their age. They prefer lip gloss instead of lipstick and wear neat haircuts. Hair should always be washed, well-styled, and have a small volume.

Why are Polish mail order brides looking for foreign husbands?

When choosing a bride abroad, American men often look to Eastern Europe. And it is pretty common in all post-communist countries, including Poland, to become mail-order brides for foreign singles.

Polish brides online assume that starting a relationship with foreign men will immediately improve their life in all aspects, including finances. But only very few foreign guys will provide a real quality future for such girls, who may be called lucky. They don’t understand that the majority of those foreign guys are not even wealthy by the standards of their home country, and this is why they look for “cheap and quality” dates in Eastern Europe.

Another interesting thing about Polish girlfriends is that women tend to like smart men, as they see the sexiest part of any guy, and many Westerners tend to impress them. Also, Polish beauties are into ambitious men, and guys from the US and Canada are known for their go-getter mentality, making them desired partners.

What does make Western men marry Polish brides?

Western men may choose to marry Polish brides for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, cultural compatibility plays a significant role. Some Western men find Polish culture appealing and compatible with their own values and lifestyle. Additionally, physical attraction and personal chemistry are essential factors in any relationship, and many Western men may find Polish women attractive.

Moreover, Polish women are often known for their traditional values, including strong family ties and a dedication to their loved ones, which can be appealing to Western men seeking stability and commitment. Furthermore, the intelligence and education level of Polish women are attractive qualities for many Western men looking for a partner with similar intellectual pursuits. The desire for adventure and experiencing a different culture firsthand may also motivate some Western men to marry Polish brides.

With the ease of communication and globalization, forming relationships with individuals from different countries has become more accessible, facilitating connections between Western men and Polish brides. Overall, the decision to marry a Polish bride is deeply personal and influenced by individual preferences, experiences, and circumstances.

How to impress Polish ladies looking for marriage?

If you want to meet Polish women online for longer than a day, you must understand their culture and way of life. And the following facts might be of help to you.

Be Better Than East European Men

Consider the fact that all men from Poland are usually gentlemen. They have a good habit of opening the door before the Polish mail order bride, paying the bills at the restaurants and cafes, and letting the woman always first, wherever they are. They also help the girlfriend sit in the car and give her a hand when she gets out. Be better!

Flowers Are A Must!

Flowers may not be possible when you date online. But many Polish dating sites offer different communicative tools to compliment a girl. When dating in real life, buy a bunch of flowers for your first date and every new meeting either.

Show Your Financial Opportunities

Hot Polish girl doesn’t dream of golden hills and chests of treasure. Polish Females are very hard-working, educated, and they earn very well and provide for themselves successfully. However, any woman wants to be confident in her man.

Look Great Before The Girl

Polish mail order wives like good-looking men. Any woman can say appearance doesn’t matter for her. But! It does matter! Although ladies pay more attention to your inner world, your first impression is made only by your appearance. So, do everything to look great.


Polish women make wonderful girlfriends, wives, and mothers even. They are a great combination of Eastern and Western values. Unlike other Slavic women, they speak excellent English and are easier to approach, but, at the same time, they are not that feministic as American girls.

Polish woman are not picky and are very open to meeting and dating foreign guys. They adore having fun and spending quality time. But it doesn’t mean you do not have to put any effort to impress them.


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