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Women with Slavic appearances are indeed extremely attractive to overseas men. There are many examples when a Russian girl suddenly gave her heart to an American guy. What is the reason for such popularity of a Russian mail order girlfriend? Why do foreigners choose Russian women as life partners? Before jumping into the Russian dating scene, here is everything you need to know about understanding local girls in this unique country.

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Why Are Mail Order Girlfriends From Russia Worth Attention?

Foreigners note that modern Russian mail order brides are purposeful and persistent careerists. However, even a girl with a strong character will treat a man with respect. How these babes manage to combine two opposites, career, and femininity, is a mystery.

Natural Femininity

Compared to strong, self-sufficient American women who follow the laws of feminism, Russian women are characterized by femininity and softness. Sometimes, men are annoyed when their girlfriend wastes much time on makeup and hair before going out. But when he sees her all dressed up, the irritation is gone. Russian brides look stylish and elegant even at home.


In some Western countries, it is considered perfectly normal to have a husband and a lover. Those men who do not accept such a relationship run to the arms of Russian girls, who will dedicate their entire lives to their husbands. It’s true, Russian brides don’t need to look for entertainment on the side if they decide to get married. For Eastern European women, betrayal is a sign of insecurity.

No Limits Life

This is what a foreign man thinks when he hears about the new dream of his Russian girlfriends. She wants to suddenly quit her old job and make a brilliant career in an unexpected field. Rationality in the girl’s nature takes less space than her emotionality. She can easily go to the beach at night or pack for a new trip. It’s not a problem to start a new business or suddenly move out.

The Russian wife is ready for bold changes, and while the foreign husband weighs all risks and benefits, she is ready to act. Russian girlfriends know how to inspire their men, and a foreign husband’s practicality will prevent unpleasant consequences.

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What Are Russian Mail Order Brides Specific Stats?

According to foreign men, only a Russian girlfriend can love her partner unconditionally. She will support him in sorrow and joy. Foreigners who used to meet mercantile and practical Western girls go crazy about babes and their fabulous features.

Enormous Beauty

A girlfriend from Russia is always well-dressed no matter if she goes to the party or to the nearby shop. She knows how to combine colors in clothing and what to wear to attract men’s attention. The girlfriend spends much time standing in the mirror before she goes out. This is not about narcissism but about her critical position about her own appearance.

American ladies don’t try to look bright and care about their morning makeup or haircut. They are always relaxed and don’t care what men think. Russian ladies are known for their enormous beauty and sexuality.

Believe In Man

Independent girlfriends in Russia do believe in their men. A well-educated, intelligent lady will respect and support her partner. The medal has two sides. On the one hand, these women hold the position of the weaker sex that is opposite to European and American ladies. On the other hand, a Russian woman will not share the bill in a cafe. It is a usual thing in Russia when a gentleman pays for his partner.


In the XXI century, women understood and loved technology and did not ask for help when coping with the device. It is not a problem to install a dozen useful applications and use them for any purpose. The Russian girlfriend quickly finds information on the Internet and always stays in touch. She is an independent and modern person.

Good Mothers

Foreigners note that Russian mail order girlfriends maternal instinct is better developed than European or American ladies. In Russia, families without children are considered not complete. The philosophy of childfree families has not taken root in the country. These girlfriends are psychologically ready to have kids immediately after marriage. In Europe and the United States, women wait with kids to 30-35 years.

Calm & Discreet

There is an opinion about the Russian mail order girlfriend character. Unlike a Western lady, a woman from Russia will not put too much pressure on her husband, even if he does incomprehensible things. The wife will always understand and forgive. However, everything depends on each specific woman, so not every blue-eyed beauty will be a gift for you.

Pros & Cons Of Dating A Russian Mail Order Girlfriend Online

No doubt, Russian girlfriends have many positive features. You can build up bright and happy relations. But don’t forget that everything is individual, and it is rather a mistaken position to seek a life partner based only on her nationality.



What Makes A Russia Mail Order Bride Different From A Typical American Girl?

Of course, if you compare American and Russian wives, you can find many differences. Feminism is the first thing that comes to mind. America is the ancestor of this movement. If feminists are quite rare in Russia, you can find millions of feminists in America. Here are more differences between these ladies:


Russia believes that every man should plant a tree, build a house, and raise a son. In return, a woman should get an education, find a husband, and have kids. In the States, everything is completely different. American girlfriends are windier and, at the same time, serious about marriage. Young girls tend to look for a partner longer.


How is it expressed? A Russian bride will take care of her husband all the time. She washes his clothes, cooks for him, and raises children, giving her entirely to the family, even if the husband doesn’t appreciate her care. In the States, everything is completely different. If a man does not suit a woman, she just leaves him.

Why Are Russian Mail Order Wives Looking For Mates On The Internet?

In the 90s of the last century, it became popular in Russia to marry foreigners. This trend was justified by the desire of Russian lady to leave the country for more prosperous countries from the post-Soviet state. Why do these brides still want to marry foreigners?

For love. Russian mail order girlfriend does not always have selfish motives when they get married.

The desire to break out of poverty and live in developed countries (usually Canada, the United States, and European countries).

Loyal treatment of foreign men to women. Many Russian brides online note that local men prefer to dominate relationships with women. The same attitude is manifested at work because it is no secret that most of the leading positions in European countries are held by men.

An opportunity not to work but take care of the house and children. Foreigners in developed countries earn much more money than men in Russia, so women no longer need to earn money.

Desire to be professionally realized abroad. In addition, the procedure of emigration by marriage is much simpler, which allows you to quickly “get on your feet” abroad.

The loyal attitude of foreigners to children. It is no secret that a Russian mail order wife wants to marry an American single even if she already has children from previous relationships. In addition, in Western countries, this is treated quite commonly.

Russian Mail Order Brides

What Needs To Be Done For Charming Russian Girlfriends To Attract Her?

Russian women are kind, more caring, pleasant to talk to, and more interested in starting a family than American ladies. Another important aspect is their enormous beauty: they are well-groomed, elegant, and feminine. How to conquer a mail order girlfriend from Russia?

What Kind Of Men Do They Like?

These girls prefer companions much older. Don’t be surprised if a 20-year-old girl finds an interesting man in his 40s. Unlike Western women, who adore perfect athletic bodies and beautiful masculine faces, fortunately, there are different attractiveness laws. A slight tummy will not create any problem, and you can be sexy without a pumped-up press.

Any Russian girlfriend will appreciate your look and notice whether you look neat and well-groomed. They do not like dirty shoes or messy hair. They may not know how much your shoes cost, but they will notice exactly if they are polished.

What else can amaze a Russian girlfriend? Try to show your positive attitude, but do not overdo it.

Why Is Meet Russian Women On The Internet Considered To Be Normal?

Just like in other countries, it is common in Russia to date on the internet. You have more chances to meet Russian girlfriends online than in the local pubs. Locals like this way to meet potential partners, however.

Dating Apps & Websites

If you are not ready to take a flight to Russia, online dating site is a great option. Russia is the world leader in downloads of dating apps. Furthermore, the growing demand for online dating services means that competition is heating up in the market. As a result, many foreigners spend time on Russian mail order bride international dating sites in search of good Russian wives.


It is believed that Russian mail order girlfriend has a special magnetism and charm. According to men, these women clearly understand their role in the relationship and the man’s role in the couple. In addition, many Russian girlfriends can boast of a gentle nature, which simply amazes men from the West.

If a European and American woman puts self-knowledge and career to the top of her life, then Russian women put families first. This state of things attracts foreigners because they appreciate loving and caring family women.


How To Buy A Ukrainian mail order brides?

These girlfriends are primarily interested in the Americans’ wallets, which are more like a legend than a reality. But each rule has its exceptions. When you meet a beautiful lady, be careful if she will let you know that gifts are necessary for her conquest on the first date. This is a clear signal that she wants to earn extra money for you and then leave. It should also be added that in the countries of the former USSR, all lunches and dinners, especially during the dating period, are paid for by the man.

How Much Are Russian Mail Order Wives?

Unlike any other woman, a Russian girlfriend does not need diamonds or uninhabited islands. It will be enough to get a bouquet of roses, or even daisies on a first date, or a modest wedding ring for your engagement. They love surprises and mostly appreciate not how much they cost but your attention. But if you use one of the top Russian brides sites to buy a wife, it could cost you somewhere around $5,000-$30,000 to find a Russian wife.

How Can I Find A Russian Foreign Bride?

How to meet a Russian girlfriend? If you are polite, you have all chances to start a conversation. If you are meeting in real life, you can talk to any girl. Yes, in America, such a scene may seem fantastic – for new acquaintances, they use specific places. Forget all the strategies. Select a girl you like and approach her.

You Know You’re Dating a Russian Woman When…

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