Japanese Mail Order Girlfriend: How & Where to Find a Japanese Bride

In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of connecting with Japanese beautiful women through online platforms. We explore the experiences of men who have formed relationships with beautiful Japanese girls, offering insights into the dynamics of cross-cultural dating, the challenges faced, and the allure of Japanese women in the context of international romance.

Best Sites to Find Japanese Mail Order Girlfriend


Japanese Mail Order Brides Overview

Feature Description Why Men Choose Them
Cultural Richness Japanese mail order brides often bring a deep understanding and appreciation of Japanese culture. Attraction to the unique cultural aspects and traditional values.
Education Level Many are well-educated, possessing both formal schooling and informal cultural knowledge. Valuing their intellectual capabilities and conversational skills.
Family Values They typically uphold strong family values, prioritizing family life and relationships. Seeking partners who prioritize family and long-term commitment.
Respectful Nature Respect and politeness are deeply ingrained in Japanese culture, often reflected in their personalities. Admiration for their respectful and polite demeanor.
Style and Appearance Known for their sense of style and elegance, often embodying a unique blend of traditional and modern. Attraction to their stylish and elegant appearance.
Language Skills Many are bilingual or keen to learn new languages, including English. Ease of communication and willingness to learn and adapt.
Rating 10
Rating 9.9
Rating 9.8
Rating 9.7

Men’s Stories Who Found Japanese Wives on Mail Order Bride Sites

David’s Story

I searched for Japanese brides for almost a year on various mail order bride sites when I came across Hana’s profile. Her deep connection to Japanese culture and her passion for traditional arts immediately stood out. After six months of communicating online, where we shared everything from our daily routines to our deepest dreams, I decided to fly to Japan to meet Japanese brides. That trip changed everything for me. Hana and I found an incredible bond and compatibility. Subsequent visits only deepened our connection, and I soon decided to move to Japan. We got married and started a family, beautifully blending our cultures. Finding my Japanese mail order bride was the best decision I ever made.

Michael’s Story

My journey began with a curiosity about Japanese mail order brides. I was browsing a site dedicated to connecting Western men with beautiful Japanese women when Keiko’s profile caught my eye. Her love for Western literature and her vibrant personality intrigued me. We communicated for eight months, building a relationship across continents. When she visited me in my country, everything felt so right. A two-week visit was supposed to be extended to a month as we realized how well we complemented each other. We’re currently dating and seriously considering a future together. A wonderful Japanese order bride, Keiko has brought much joy and new perspectives into my life.

Brian’s Story

I wasn’t on a quest for a serious relationship when I stumbled upon Mei’s profile on a site for Japanese brides. Her adventurous spirit and zest for life were infectious. We started as casual chat buddies, discussing our travels and shared interests. It was a pleasant surprise when our paths crossed in another country due to work. We decided to meet and travel together, exploring new places and cultures. Our relationship is unconventional – we’re in a free, long-distance relationship, occasionally meeting up in different corners of the world. This setup works perfectly for us, allowing us to enjoy our independence while cherishing our unique connection. Mei, a spirited Japanese mail order bride, has been an incredible part of my life.

How Much Did Men Spend to Find a Japanese Bride?

Before presenting the cost tables, let’s hear from each user about their experiences and expenses in finding their Japanese brides.


“In my journey to find my Japanese mail order wife, Hana, the expenses varied. Initially, costs were centered around the dating site and communication. As our relationship deepened, more was spent traveling to Japan and our wedding. The investment was significant, but finding my life partner through a mail order bride from Japan was invaluable.”

Cost Table for David

Expense Category Cost
Dating Site Registration $300
Communication Costs $600
Travel Expenses $4,500
Visa and Documentation $1,200
Gifts and Entertainment $1,000
Accommodation $2,000
Wedding $10,000
Total $19,600


“My experience in connecting with Keiko, a Japanese mail order wife, involved a range of expenses. Although there were no major travel costs, her visit and entertainment expenses were significant. We’re also planning our wedding, a crucial step in our journey as a mail order bride from Japan.”

Cost Table for Michael

Expense Category Cost
Dating Site Registration $250
Communication Costs $500
Gifts and Entertainment $1,500
Accommodation $1,500
Visa and Documentation Not Applicable
Travel Expenses Not Applicable
Wedding (Planned) $8,000 (Planned)
Total $11,750


“Finding Mei, who became my Japanese mail order wife, has been a unique adventure. Our expenses are mostly for travel meetings in different countries. Our relationship doesn’t conform to the traditional path of Japanese mail order wives, but it’s perfect for us.”

Cost Table for Brian

Expense Category Cost
Dating Site Registration $200
Communication Costs $300
Travel Expenses $5,000
Gifts and Entertainment $800
Accommodation $3,000
Visa and Documentation $500
Wedding Not Applicable
Total $9,800

How Did Men Initiate Conversations with Example Brides?

Here’s how each man initiated a conversation, incorporating the keywords where applicable.


David’s first message in his journey to find a Japanese bride was carefully crafted to show his interest in Hana’s culture:

“Hello, Hana. As I’m looking to meet a Japanese bride, your profile stands out. Your passion for traditional Japanese arts caught my eye. I’m deeply intrigued by your culture and would love to learn more about your interests. What’s your favorite traditional art form, and why does it resonate with you?”


Michael, keen on finding real Japanese brides, sent a personal and thoughtful message to Keiko:

“Hi Keiko, your love for Western literature, a common ground between us, makes me think you could be the Japanese bride I’ve been hoping to meet. I’m currently enjoying Murakami’s works. Could you share your favorite authors or books that blend both our worlds?”

Advice from Michael

Michael, who successfully met his Japanese bride in the USA, shares his advice:

“When reaching out to a potential Japanese bride, being genuine and finding common interests is crucial. Reflect on what intrigued you about her profile and share something about yourself. This helps create a real connection from the beginning, especially if you want to find a Japanese bride in the USA.”


In his message to Mei, Brian embraced the excitement of meeting someone new, potentially his ideal Japanese bride:

“Hey Mei, I’m on a quest to find a Japanese bride, and your adventurous spirit is exactly what I find inspiring! I’d love to hear about your most memorable trip as a fellow traveler. What’s the most unforgettable place you’ve been to, and what makes it special for you?”

Challenges in Meeting Japanese Mail Order Bride

The users share their personal experiences and challenges they faced in their journey to connect with their Japanese mail order brides.


“As someone looking for a Japanese bride, the journey wasn’t without its challenges. The biggest hurdle for me was the language barrier with Hana. Even though she spoke some English, there were times when miscommunications happened, leading to misunderstandings. Another aspect was adapting to cultural differences, particularly in dating and relationship norms. It was a learning curve, but understanding and respecting these differences were key to our successful relationship.”


“My challenge in finding a Japanese bride was primarily the distance. Being on different continents meant Keiko and I had to navigate time zone differences, often making communication tough. Additionally, arranging for her to visit the USA was daunting. Dealing with visa applications and travel planning was both time-consuming and costly, but it was a necessary step in our journey to be together.”


“The term ‘buy a Japanese bride’ doesn’t accurately describe my experience. I wasn’t looking to ‘buy’ a relationship; I wanted a genuine connection. The main challenge for me was maintaining a long-distance relationship with Mei. Our love of travel brought us together, but constantly being on the move and managing time apart required a lot of commitment and flexibility. There was also some skepticism from friends and family about the unconventional nature of our relationship, which we had to overcome.”

In these accounts, David, Michael, and Brian share the personal challenges they faced in their unique journeys with Japanese order brides. Their stories highlight the complexities of international relationships and the importance of understanding, patience, and commitment in overcoming these challenges.

Reactions of Friends and Family to Men Choosing Women from Japan

The men share how their friends and family reacted to their decision to choose a Japanese girlfriend.


“When I first told my friends and family I met a Japanese bride online, their reactions were mixed. Some were supportive and intrigued by the cross-cultural aspect of our relationship. Others were skeptical, concerned about the challenges we might face, like cultural differences and the distance. But most concerns faded once they met Hana and saw our genuine connection. They saw that she wasn’t just a mail Japanese bride; she was a person I deeply loved and respected.”


“The news of me being in a relationship with a woman I described as a ‘Japanese bride for sale’ – a term I never liked – initially raised eyebrows among my circle. There was a lot of curiosity and some misconceptions about our relationship. My friends and family were worried about the authenticity of our connection. However, once they interacted with Keiko and understood our bond, their worries turned into admiration for our commitment to overcoming the challenges.”


“My decision to be with a Japanese wife I met through unconventional means took my friends and family by surprise. They were initially cautious, questioning the viability of a long-distance relationship and the intentions behind such a union. The term ‘Japanese bride for sale’ was thrown around, which I had to correct. It was important to clarify that our relationship was based on mutual respect and understanding. Over time, as they learned more about Mei and our relationship dynamics, they became more accepting and supportive.”

Japanese Women For Marriage Interview: Why Do They Become a Mail Order Bride?

Following interviews with 20 Japanese single ladies who chose to become mail order brides, we compiled their most common motivations, incorporating relevant keywords:

How to Capture the Interest of a Japanese Woman: Insights from Japanese

To attract the attention of a Japanese woman, consider these key points:

  1. Embrace Her Culture: Show genuine interest in Japanese girl traditions and customs.
  2. Be Respectful and Polite: Courtesy and good manners are highly valued.
  3. Communicate Clearly: Honesty and effective listening are crucial.
  4. Demonstrate Sincerity: Express severe intentions for a meaningful relationship.
  5. Exhibit Emotional Maturity: Handle situations calmly and thoughtfully.
  6. Appreciate Small Gestures: Attention to detail matters.
  7. Share Experiences: Engage in Japanese lady interests and share your own.
  8. Show Reliability: Stability and responsibility are attractive traits.
  9. Balance Independence: Respect her autonomy while fostering togetherness.
  10. Have a Sense of Humor: A light-hearted approach is appealing.

Let’s Summarize

In the realm of Japanese dating online, various facets come into play. Men seeking Japanese singles have shared their stories, revealing the emotional and financial investments involved. Women from Japan choosing to be mail order brides express diverse motivations, ranging from wanting family to exploring new cultures. The key to success in this cross-cultural venture is understanding and respect, as highlighted by insights on attracting Japanese women’s attention. Using online dating sites in Japan offers a platform for these international connections, showcasing a blend of traditional desires and modern means of finding love and companionship.

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